Allied Campaign

Part 1

This walkthrough will cover the first 7 missions played in the Allied campaign mode in the PC and iPhone video game iBomber Defense. The difficulty of the playthroughs performed for the writing of this guide and the creation of its videos is set to Veteran, or the hardest difficulty in the game. In addition, the videos will depict how to get a Perfect rating in every level.

This guide and its videos can be used to unlock all three medals on Veteran; Survivor, Base Defender, and Turret Guard.

  1. Western Europe: The Fight Starts Here!
  2. Western Mediterranean: Sea Devils!
  3. North West Africa: Seiged
  4. North West Africa: Counterattack
  5. North East Africa: Red Scorpion
  6. Southeast Europe: Eightball
  7. Eastern Mediterranean: Bottleneck

Part 2

This guide continues the second half and final seven missions of the Allied campaign in the video game iBomber Defense. As previously mentioned in the first half, these guides are written for the Veteran difficulty (hardest) and demonstrate methods used to get a Perfect rating on every single map.

At this point in the campaign, it is important to note that all upgrades have been fully unlocked as of mission 7, since achieving perfect on every mission grants enough victory points to do so. For this reason, victory points and their spending will not be discussed in this half considering they are no longer relevant.

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