"iBomber Defense" - Axis Campaign - 05. North East Africa: Desert Dusk (1)
Enemy routes in the North East Africa “Desert Dusk” level of “iBomber Defense.” Blue line is taken by aircraft.

Mission 5 n the Axis Campaign is the first level to introduce enemy aircraft, taking you to the desert sands of North East Africa in “Desert Dusk”. You will need to fend off 30 full waves of enemies with aircraft making their first appearance during wave 20.

Turret placement in this level will focus on taking advantage of the numerous plateaus for their high ground bonuses provided to the range of all turrets. Throughout the entire level, you should completely avoid ever placing one of your turrets on the low ground considering the amount of raised positions available.

Turret Placement

Wave one through ten goes back to the age old “lets place some Machine Guns”: strategy to deal with the beginning waves of light units while providing a means to soak up damage for more expensive turrets placed later. Three should go by the home base along the edges of the raised ground with two placed on the western most plateaus, one for each major entrance. All should be maxed out by level 10.

On your way to wave twenty, focus on getting two Inferno turrets, one on each of the east plateaus to slow down the enemy while focusing on getting a fully boosted X-Weapon (3 echelons or golden V shapes) up and running, placed near the maxed out MG turrets. A couple cannons will be fine, but the X-Weapon is like a supper cannon, and should be your top priority from here on out. Make sure to get an AA gun up right before level 20.

One X-Weapon with full boost should be sufficient, with the remainder of your funds going towards upgrading your AA turret to level 2 with a second level 1 along the aircraft’s route. Beyond that, work on building level three Cannons near the base to help take out armored units with overlapping fields of fire. Level 2 Infernos can be a handy use of resources as well.

"iBomber Defense" - Axis Campaign - 05. North East Africa: Desert Dusk (4)
Wave 30 turret placement.

Victory Point Spending

Take the two victory points won with the completion of this level and put one into the X-Weapon and the other into Repair as both will become of higher demand in the following levels.

The current ranks of unlocked items are:
Machine Gun and Cannon are level 3, everything else is level 2.

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