Allied Quick Play Level: Western Mediterranean

This walkthrough guide will cover the Western Mediterranean, Allied Quick Play level in the video game iBomber Defense. Within you will find a video playthrough with commentary along with detailed instructions on how and what turrets to place in order to protect your base and achieve a perfect rating along with all three medals in this level.

"iBomber Defense" - Allied Quick Play 02 - Western Mediterranean (1)
The path the enemy units will take in Western Mediterranean.

Another simple quick play mission, in the Allied version of Western Mediterranean you will face a series of mixed naval units only, that pass through a trio of islands spaced between some mainland peninsulas, traveling from the Southwest to the Northeast. This mission will focus on quality of turrets and placement over quantity as utilizing the few optimal firing positions will be key here.

Victory Points Spending:

Only one point to spend, it should be going into upgrading Machine Gun turrets to unlock level three, which will be a significant help in this mission.

"iBomber Defense" - Allied Quick Play 02 - Western Mediterranean (2)
Turret placement guide.

Turret Placement

For the purpose of this mission’s guide, I will be taking a slightly different approach than normal, since the strategy used handles only a handful of turrets placed at strategic locations, I will go over a step by step placement guide for each turret individually and they wave they are placed at. Make sure to refer to the second image to the right for the proper locations of the points referred to.

Wave 1: Start off by building and fully upgrading a Machine Gun to level 3, placed at point A, which is the small, single spot island near where the ships enter the map. Keep on eye on this turret throughout the level as you will need to eventually repair it towards the end.

End of Wave 4: Place a level 1 MG turret at point B, on the mainland peninsula on the spot that sticks out in the water, furthest west. Upgrade to level 2 at wave 6 and level 3 at the end of wave 8.

Wave 9: Place your third and final Machine Gun at point D on the southern most point of the northern island. Upgrade to level 2 at wave 10.

End of wave 13: Place your first Cannon turret at point C on the southern peninsula, 2 squares to the right, and one square up from the Machine Gun on the same piece of land you built earlier.

Wave 16: Upgrade the point D MG turret to its final level (3).

Wave 17: Build a second Cannon at point E which is one square to the northeast of point the point D machine gun you just upgraded.

From here on out, upgrade your first Cannon at point C to level 2 when you get the chance and check your lead turrets for any repairs they might need. It should be a wrap with what you have now.

Video Guide

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