4. North West Africa: Counterattack

"iBomber Defense" - Level 4 - North West Africa: Counterattack (1)
Enemy unit travel paths in the counterattack level of North West Africa.

In this counterattack bonus mission it is time to go back to the previous level, North West Africa, picking up where we left off for another 20 waves, which if you reach without losing any lives you will be awarded 3 victory points. Since this mission is a bonus one, you do not have to pass it to continue with the campaign, however it is entirely possible to earn a perfect here to, even on Veteran.

With my turret placement from the end of last mission retained and a significantly inflated starting treasury it will be time to prepare for some extra challenge. With Comms turrets unlocked after spending last level’s victory points we can also start boosting turret range , firepower and earning interest on accrued cash.

Turret Placement

One Machine Gun turret gets destroyed when the enemy bombers show up at the beginning of the mission to clear the new enemy path. This can be easily compensated for by placing a couple Machine Guns and a Sabotage turret along the faint path while continuing to amass turrets in the patch that was built up near the home base previously.

Getting more Cannons to level 3 and using at least one Comms turret to boost the range and power of as many other guns as possible will be another immense help, since with this placement we can still cover all paths with one group of weaponry. There are still no air units on this level so Anti Air is not an issue.

Victory Point Spending

With the 3 victory points awarded for completing this mission perfectly, I have chosen to put two of those points into the Buy upgrade, increasing resell value and providing a larger starting treasury. The third point goes into the Comms turret to unlock the second level.

Levels of currently unlocked items:
Machine Gun 3, Cannon 3, Anti Air 2, Sabotage 1, Comms 2, Buy 2, Repair 1

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