2. North East Europe: Lightning Bolt

"iBomber Defense" - Axis Campaign - 02. North East Europe: Lightning Bolt (1)
Map of the routes taken in the Axis level of “iBomber Defense,” North East Europe – Lightning Bolt.

In the second level of the Axis campaign it is time to face ground units now in North East Europe, “Lightning Bolt”. In this level you will be tasked with facing 30 waves of infantry, vehicles and tanks that approach from the northeast and northwest paths, converging near the top center of the map before curving around to the base, making a J shape.

Turret placement in this level of the game will focus on building up armaments on the plateau in the south central portion of the map, right next to the base. Guns placed here will not only have the best effectiveness against units approaching from either entrance but will also prove to be in a useful position when it comes time to return to this level in the coming counterattack bonus mission.

Turret Placement

Starting off in this level and up through the tenth wave of enemies, your turret placement should focus on getting 3 level three Machine Gun turrets placed along the edge of the plateau mentioned above. Eventually construct a fourth in the open spot between the cliff and the road itself (see second picture to the right) for dealing with the initial lighter units.

As you make your way to wave 20, make sure all four Machine Guns you’ve placed are at level 3 and start to construct a trio of Cannon turrets in the remaining open spaces of this plateau. Try to upgrade one of these Cannons to its second level.

From wave 20 through the final wave, get all your Cannon to their second level and find another spot to place a level 2 Machine Gun and level 1 Cannon which should be the last items you build. Although the final picture shows them placed at the meeting of the two entrance paths, placing them towards the south between the right plateau and the main road will make them more effective in the counterattack, albeit not necessary.

"iBomber Defense" - Axis Campaign - 02. North East Europe: Lightning Bolt (4)
Turret placement at the end of wave 30.

Victory Point Spending

Since we are still a couple levels from facing any aircraft or accruing the large amount of funds needed for effective X-Weapon use, the best place to spend victory points right now is to unlock third level Cannons and the first level of the Firestorm weapon which is incredibly handy in this campaign.

Levels of currently unlocked items:
MG 3, Cannon 3, AA 1, Firestorm 1, Buy 1

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