9. South East Europe: Snowblind

"iBomber Defense" - Level 9 - South East Europe: Snowblind (1)
Paths of incoming enemies in the South East Europe level of iBomber Defense. Red, yellow and orange are ground units, blue line is aircraft.

Proceeding onwards in the Allied campaign of iBomber Defense it is time to face the South East Europe level, taking place in a green valley that runs around a central snow covered mountain and lined with even larger snow covered ridges along the sides. You will have to face a total of 40 waves of enemies of combine d ground units and aircraft.

Turret positioning will focus largely on the western half of the map with turrets placed on the central mountain to reach both top and bottom routes. Air units will show up at level twenty and there will a bonus counterattack mission that comes back to this level later on.

Turret Placement

From the starting wave up to number ten it will be best to focus on getting two fully upgraded Machine Gun turrets, one by each entrance with an additional one by the base and a Cannon turret on the central mountain which can fire from said position against both routes. Keep in mind that the counterattack mission will open up a new route to the bottom center-left of the map where you can see a snow covered path.

Towards wave twenty you will want to focus on building another Cannon on the central mountain along with an AA turret for the incoming aircraft. You should also be focusing on building new additional fire bases with Comms turrets to boost and start accruing interest to the north and south west portions of the map close to the base.

From wave 20 through 30 you should work on upgrading your Comms turrets for interest purposes while adding cannon turrets to all 3 locations built upon so far being the north and south west sides of the map and the central mountain. Work on getting your Anti Air turret up to level 3 during this time as well.

The last ten waves should be focused on maxing out each rounds interest bonus while using the extra money to upgrade all of your Cannon turrets towards level 3. It will be worthwhile to add a second Anti Air turret somewhere along the central path the planes take, personally i choose the east side of the central mountain.

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