7. Eastern Mediterranean: Bottleneck

"iBomber Defense" - Level 7 - Eastern Mediterranean: Bottleneck (1)
The green path denotes the route traveled by air units while the red and orange mark where the naval units travel in Eastern Mediterranean.

The seventh level in the Allied campaign, counting the bonus missions, is the Eastern Mediterranean map which has you defending a harbor with a trio of Islands that the enemy naval units will curve around from two main entrances on their route through to your base off-screen to the east.

This time around we will be facing 40 waves of both air units and naval units, with the aircraft showing up at wave 20. Eventually you will return to this mission for a counterattack level so make sure you don’t sell anything at the end of this mission.

Turret Placement

Up to wave 10 should be focused on building 3 Machine Guns and raising them to level 3 each. 2 of them should be placed on the smaller of the two unconnected islands while the third sits at the point of convergence as west as possible against the water.

As you make your way up to wave twenty you should be focusing on the upper and lower pieces of land that make the top of the sideways Y that makes the point of convergence for the two paths of naval ships. Add at least one Comms turret for boosted firepower to the northern side and deploy an Anti Air turret before hitting level 20.

Try to start saving excess cash once you have a second level Comms as you head towards wave thirty, which by then you should have at least two level 3 Cannons and a level 3 Comms with which to grant firepower, range and accruing interest with your leftover money. Lots of Machine Gun turrets are still effective at this point in the game even though facing naval ships since there are still many of the weaker varieties here.

Once you hit level 35, its time to start adding only Cannons, having up to that point filled out the majority of the open spaces along the converging area, adding some extra Anti Air as the heavier bombers start to show up. Remember to check the pictures to the right for a picture of what my turrets looked like at the different waves.

Victory Point Spending

With the two victory points earned in this level, if having earned the maximum amount from the previous missions so far, you will now be able to have all upgrades maxed out completely. From this point on victory points will be left out of the allied campaign guide for iBomber Defense since spending them is no longer an issue.

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