2. Western Mediterranean: Sea Devils!

The Western Mediterranean level in iBomber Defense takes us to a channel which enemy naval vessels are trying to cross in order to reach your base. Its time to encounter water units for the first time in the game, using height advantages to boost the range of your turrets.

"iBomber Defense" - Level 2 - Western Mediterranean: Sea Devils! (1)
There is only one path for the naval units in Western Mediterranean.

Naval levels will generally prioritize the placement of Cannon turrets over Machine Gun turrets due to the typically more heavily armored units and further distances from where the naval units travel along their path and spots open for turret placement. This level is somewhat of an exception, still being early on, however Cannon Turrets will still have their value here.

Turret Placement

Since we recently unlocked tier 3 Cannons and Machine Guns, we are going to focus on getting just a handful of high level turrets for this level, which will suit the purpose of stopping the enemy perfectly well. This is preferable to numerous turrets as optimal firing locations in this mission are slim.

Two Machine Gun turrets should end up occupying either side of the land that makes the first bend in the naval units path while an additional 2 Machine Guns and a single Cannon will occupy the right island. Check the pictures to the right or you can watch the video below for the specific turret placements used.

Victory Point Spending

At this point the two victory points attained in this mission were spent towards unlocking the Sabotage turret to use for the purpose of slowing down groups of enemies while a point was put into the Anti Air turret to unlock its second level, as it will be needed soon.

Current ranks of unlocked items:
Machine Gun 3, Cannon 3, Anti Air 2, Sabotage 1

Video Guide

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