The first level in the Allied campaign, Western Europe is a bit of an introductory course in the tactics and strategies of a turret defense game. This level takes place in a forested area where you will face 20 waves of ground forces only.

"iBomber Defense" - Level 1 - Western Europe: The Fight Starts Here! (1)
Western Europe – Enemy unit travel paths.

At this point in the campaign of iBomber Defense you will be limited to only Machine Gun and Cannon turrets to place, both of which can only be upgraded to level 2. You will have to accrue victory points by beating missions in order to unlock additional upgrade levels and turrets. At the end of each level’s walkthrough there will be a mention of what I spent the victory points on to help follow the guide.

Turret Placement

Turret placement in Western Europe is pretty simple. Mainly you will want to have a handful of level 2 Machine Gun turrets along the main path after the two entrance roads converge. Placing your turrets along this route means that they will always be firing at enemy units, instead of only being effective when a wave is coming from its particular direction if placed before the convergence. A pair of cannon turrets will complement the Machine Guns nicely when it comes time for the heavily armored final waves.

Victory Point Spending

Considering the next few missions will focus solely on weaker ground units, I chose to spend victory points on the Machine Gun and Cannon, unlocking the level 3 upgrade for both weapons.

The current ranks of unlocked items are:
Machine Gun 3, Cannon 3, Anti Air 1

Video Guide

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