3. North West Africa: Seiged

"iBomber Defense" - Level 3 - North West Africa: Seiged (1)
North West Africa unit travel paths.

North West Africa takes us back to facing ground units only in the third level of the Allied campaign in iBomber Defense. In this desert level featuring several plateaus that cannot be built on we will face 30 waves coming from two paths converging quickly to one from the west.

Avoid building turrets near or along the faint outline of a path that curves to the south of the plateau that the two roads converge before. There will be a counterattack bonus mission next that will have that strip of land bombed, destroying turrets placed directly on or near that line.

Turret Placement

The best place to put the majority of your turrets is along the right side of the path leading to your base, directly north of the base itself. A couple Cannons and handful of Machine Gun turrets all upgraded to level 3 will do an excellent job at dealing with the enemies. We are still early enough into he game where armored units aren’t coming in tidal waves, so Machine Guns are definitely prioritized.

One Sabotage turret will do well, placed just before your main group of turrets placed right before the base. Turrets here will also be useful against the units coming on the faint outline path during the next counterstrike mission, which retains whatever turrets you built in this level, minus the ones destroyed. If you notice the wave 30 picture to the right, the one Machine Gun turret in the center of the trio placed to the left of the path close to the base is on the kill zone which will get destroyed when the new path opens up next mission.

Victory Point Spending

The two victory points i attained in my playthrough of this mission were spent on unlocking Comm turrets to level 1 and the Repair to level 1, reducing the cost of repairing turrets during the game. The Comm turret will boost the range and firepower of nearby turrets while allowing you to accrue interest with saved up money during the levels.

Levels of currently unlocked items:
Machine Gun 3, Cannon 3, Anti Air 2, Sabotage 1, Comms 1, Repair 1

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