10. Western Russia: Barbarossa

"iBomber Defense" - Level 10 - Western Russia: Barbarossa (1)
Paths taken by the ground units in Western Russia.

The tenth level in the Allied campaign of iBomber Defense and the third mission in this second half of the walkthrough guide takes us to the snow covered lands of Western Russia. You will be facing forty waves of ground units that come from 3 roads emanating from the northwest, northeast and southwest, curling around towards the center of the map where the base lays. There are no air units to face in this level.

Turret placement in Western Russia is going to focus on creating a thick line of primarily Cannons all boosted by Comms towers that stretch across the center of the map. This level has excellent places to put many turrets that cover multiple routes.

Turret Placement

From the start up through wave 10, your efforts should be focused, as is normally the case when facing ground forces, to build at first a pair of level 3 Machine Guns, one on each side of the point where all 3 paths converge. Once these are up you can add another Machine Gun to begin upgrading just to the left of the tiny plateau near your base.

Reaching wave 20 should encompass expanding on the turret defenses you have on both the right and left sides of the base, each backed up by level 2 Comms towers that should start accruing interest for you. Make sure you start placing level 1 Cannons on both sides along with additional Machine Guns.

On your way to wave thirty in Western Russia, start building an offshoot turret base where the top right and bottom left entrance roads converge to one before meeting with the top left road before the base. Try to have three level 3 Comms towers and all of your placed turrets upgraded to their max levels. Sabotage turrets can be helpful here to compensate for the short distances you have to stop the enemy with.

Between wave 30 through the finally wave 40, you should be able to use the massive amount of interest you are getting each wave to start amassing fields of Cannons to overpower the enemy. Remember to use the pictures to the right and the video below for more specific details on my turret placements.

Video Guide

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