1. Northern Europe: Valhalla

"iBomber Defense" - Axis Campaign - 01. Northern Europe: Valhalla (1)
Map of the routes taken by the enemy in the Axis level Northern Europe – Valhalla

The first level in the Axis campaign takes us back to one of the previously conquered territories beginning the series of new twists on old areas that are present in this portion of the game. Not all levels are repeats and some that are have changed significantly beyond just the waves that attack or the turrets at your disposal.

This time around in Northern Europe, Valhalla you are facing a significantly lighter threat of 20 waves of lighter naval craft without any air support. At this point you are also limited to level 2 Machine Guns and Cannons. The enemy travels a single path from the west up through the strip of water running between the large island and the right peninsula.

Turret Placement

Placing your turrets here is pretty straightforward considering the low difficulty and limited number of waves in this level. Waves 1–10 should be focused on building 5 level 2 Machine Gun turrets along the southeastern side of the central island in points where they can get the best coverage over the enemy’s path.

Waves 10 through twenty can be focused on adding 3 Cannons spread out along the same line the MG turrets are lined against to provide extra firepower against the tougher armored naval vessels. You should have enough to upgrade at least one to level two, but place all three before doing so since their low rate of fire is compensated for by multiple guns.

Victory Point Spending

Sine we start off once again with only level 2 Cannons and Machine Gun, it is time to begin unlocking all the available upgrades once more in the Axis campaign. Since funds are limited without interest, put one point into the Buy ability for extra starting cash and another point into Machine Guns to unlock level 3.

The current ranks of unlocked items are:
Machine Gun 3, Cannon 2, Anti Air 1, Buy 1

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