"iBomber Defense" - Level 11 - North East Europe: Heart of Oak (1)
The many different routes taken by the enemy units in North East Europe. The Purple line is the aircraft.

The North East Europe level of the Allied campaign in iBomber Defense takes us back to the green forested lands to defend a base that has 8 different routes of attack, not including the route traveled by air units towards your base. Turret placement begins to get a little tricky in this level as so much room is taken by the roads that placement options are somewhat limited.

Since this is another mission with limited build spots, upgrading your turrets all the way to their max level is pretty important. The turrets built here will be mostly centered on and around the two central plateaus. There are 40 total waves to fend off in North East Europe and aircraft will begin to show up at wave 20.

Turret Placement

To start off and get the ball rolling, the way towards wave 10 should focus on getting two Machine Gun turrets on either side of the path where all roads converge. After these first two are up and at least level 2, make sure to place a turret somewhere along the red path, preferably where the red and orange paths meet (see image to right).

Getting towards wave twenty should be focusing on adding Cannon turrets to your arsenal, one level 2 Comms tower and an Anti Air turret that could probably do with a level 2 upgrade off the bat, placed on the top left corner of the right-central plateau. The left plateau should have its two spaces occupied, at least one of which should be Cannon, the other can be a Machine Gun.

As your proceed onwards from wave twenty up through thirty, expand upon the locations you’ve begun to build upon so far, getting 3 level three Comms towers placed to boost your turrets and begin the overpowering process once again with 50$ interest bonuses each wave. One level 3 Anti Air turret is still fine at this point, but you should have a couple level 2 Cannons by now.

The final 10 waves, which are usually the most drawn out and of course the most heavily armored, will want to be all about getting the mass of Cannon turrets you should have, boosted by Comms, all up to level 3. One additional level 3 Anti Air turret can be placed and if both are boosted with Comms, it will be plenty to stem the tide of all the enemy aircraft you face.

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