4. North East Europe: Counterattack

"iBomber Defense" - Axis Campaign - 04. North East Europe: Counterattack (1)
Routes taken by the enemy in the North East Europe Counterattack bonus mission of the Axis campaign.

The first counterattack bonus level of the Axis campaign in iBomber Defense takes us back to the North East Europe level, retaining the previous turret placement while opening up a new path to the east. You will need to face off against another 30 waves of ground units without losing a life to acquire 3 victory points and a perfect rating in this level.

Turret placement in this level is rather simple, focusing on expanding upon the area where your turrets were constructed previously. Start upgrading what you can then stretching the group of turrets further east to create two large fire-bases on either side of the converged path.

Turret Placement

First off begin upgrading all your Cannons that can now reach level three, then add a Firestorm turret along the bend in the path while beginning to build additional Cannons where they can hit the converged path, south of the new opened entrance. A Machine Gun can help, placed near the Firestorm to draw fire as MG turrets are cheaper to repair and good for soaking damage as such.

Throughout all thirty waves, your main goal besides the Firestorm and MG turret mentioned above, should be to construct as many level 3 Cannon as you presently have money for until the end of the level. Make sure they can hit all oncoming waves and this level should be a cake walk.

"iBomber Defense" - Axis Campaign - 04. North East Europe: Counterattack (4)
Turret placement at the end of wave 30.

Victory Point Spending

As we get further into the campaign, more and more funds will become available through the destruction of more enemies. For this reason it is now appropriate to unlock the X-Weapon. The remaining two points are worth putting into Buy and the Firestorm.

The current ranks of unlocked items are:
Machine Gun 3, Cannon 3, AA 2, Firestorm 2, X-Weapon 1, Buy 2, Repair 1

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