Axis Campaign

Part 1

This is a guide for the video game iBomber Defense, and it provides walkthroughs for the first seven levels of the Axis campaign. This guide is written for the Veteran difficulty (hardest) and demonstrates methods used to get a Perfect rating on every single map. Within you will find videos, maps, and additional useful info.

Starting the new Axis campaign after completing the Allied Campaign has you starting over again in terms of victory point acquisition, with two turrets substantially different than the Allied variants: The Firestorm and X-Weapon replace the Sabotage and Comms, respectively. In addition, since you no longer have a Comms, interest can no longer be accrued; however, the Axis turrets are cheaper to build. Specific strategies that have changed will be discussed in the level sections below.

Table of Contents

  1. Northern Europe: Valhalla
  2. North East Europe: Lightning Bolt
  3. Western Russia: Redbeard
  4. North East Europe: Counterattack
  5. North East Africa: Desert Dusk
  6. South East Europe: Heat Wave
  7. Eastern Mediterranean: Tigershark

Part 2

This walkthrough guide covers the second half of the Axis campaign in the video game iBomber Defense. Within, you will find maps and tips for turret placement, written for the Veteran difficulty, with videos showing how to get a Perfect rating in missions 8 through 14.

Table of Contents:

8. Eastern Mediterranean – Counterattack
9. North West Africa – On the Beach
10. Southern Europe – Trident
11. Western Europe – Cross of Iron
12. Western Mediterranean – Spiderweb
13. North West Africa – Counterattack
14. Great Britain – Final Victory!

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