8. Eastern Mediterranean: Counterattack

"iBomber Defense" - Axis Campaign - 08. Eastern Mediterranean - Counterattack (1)
Routes taken by enemy units in the level Eastern Mediterranean Counterattack in the game iBomber Defense. Blue path denotes aircraft.

The second counterattack bonus mission in the Axis campaign, and the eight mission overall, takes you back to the Eastern Mediterranean map to duke it out for another 20 waves of naval ships and aircraft. The aircraft will make their first appearance at wave 4.

The opening surprise attack will take out the smallest island, destroying whatever was on it, while opening up a third route from the north, just like the Allied counterattack on this map.

Turret Placement:

Funds in this mission should be spent on upgrading any turrets that were not fully leveled previously while expanding on the north and south landmasses we previously put fire-bases on. On your way towards wave 10, try to also get a level 2 Inferno along each piece of land where they can hit all nearby paths.

If you begin to use up all your room, it is worth selling your Machine Guns to replace with an X-Weapon to up your damage output dramatically. The last few waves will be drawn out due to the toughness of the enemy ships, and eventually, most of your funds will go towards repairing turrets from their heavy fire.

Victory Point Spending:

This is the final mission where victory points will go towards upgrades, the final available purchase being level 3 Inferno, which makes all items at level 3 and fully upgraded from here on out.

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