13. South East Europe: Counterattack

"iBomber Defense" - Level 13 - South East Europe: Counterattack (1)
Paths of incoming enemies in the South East Europe counterattack level of “iBomber Defense.” The two blue paths are aircraft while the rest are ground units.

The third and final counterattack bonus mission in the Allied campaign actually hops some maps backwards for the first time to the first level in the second half of the campaign, South East Europe. As with the previous bonus levels, we start this counterattack level with whatever turrets were left over from the end of the original set of waves.

This counterattack level also has more waves to bonus your way through, facing an additional 30 rounds of armored ground units along with air units showing up at wave 2. The new path opened up in this round will be the snow covered path to the southwest. Although you won’t see the path opened up initially, there will also be two routes for incoming aircraft for the first time in this level.

Turret Placement

Pretty much off the bat up to wave 10 it will be important to add some extra Anti Air, giving three turrets overall while continuing to extend turret placement from where we left off in the original run through of this mission, focusing mostly on Cannon turrets this time around working from the middle of the map backwards towards the base. Definitely try to have a Comms tower with some turrets near the new opened path.

Upon reaching wave 20 you should have already long since been earning 50$ in interest with every wave completing, thus allowing you to grow your fields of Cannon turrets towards your base even further, bringing most if not all for them to level3 until you have no buildable spaces left on the western half of the map.

Making it past wave 20 and proceeding towards the final wave of 30 should bring at least one or two more high level AA turrets, bringing the total to 5. In addition, if you have managed to use all the building space on the west half of this map, you may as well start using up the still open spaces on the east side for the pure hell of it.

"iBomber Defense" - Level 13 - South East Europe: Counterattack (4)
Wave 30 turret placement.

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