"iBomber Defense" - Axis Campaign - 14. Great Britain - Final Victory! (1)
Routes taken by the enemy in the final level of the Axis campaign of iBomber Defense, Great Britain. Purple is for naval units while blue is for aircraft.

The fourteenth and final mission in the Axis campaign takes you to the wrecked landscape of Great Britain to fend off 50 waves of combined aircraft, naval units, and ground units. Enemies will approach from multiple paths, from every direction except north with naval units arriving at wave 10 and aircraft at wave 21.

Turret placement will focus on building defenses close to your home bases and reaching X-Weapon status as soon as possible. Eventually, everything will become spread out like the final level in the Allied campaign, this mission has limited build space.

Turret Placement:

Try to place an X-Weapon right off the bat with your starting funds directly to the bottom left of the ground base. Follow this up with a Machine Gun quickly upgraded to level 3 placed upon the one section of high ground right below the ground base that the blue aircraft line passes directly over. By wave 10, you should have a second X-Weapon in the patch directly to the right of your ground base with a Machine Gun fully upgraded on the ridge to stop the patrol boats that start off the naval attacks.

Between level 10 through 20, start placing Cannons around your X-Weapons, ignoring any further Machine Guns (in the pictures, you’ll see I moved the MG down some spaces to keep the X-Weapon from being distracted, more info in the video below) and placing a couple of Inferno turrets down to slow the approach of ground units. Make sure to have AA ready at the end of wave 20.

Waves 20 through 30 should now be focused on upgrading the Cannons placed to boost the X-Weapons, then upgrading the X-Weapons themselves. Try to build an Inferno turret along the upper ridge to slow down the naval units as well. Infernos are practical an unarguable necessity in this level.

Another two X-Weapons, bringing your total to four, is a good goal to head towards on the way to wave 40. Putting an Inferno turret near the green and yellow path merge when the surprise attack opens them up at wave 30 is an important helping hand to have.

The final 10 waves should be similar to 30–40, building up another pair of X-Weapons with supporting Cannons—maybe a couple of Machine Guns once you’re already making serious headway to provide a cheaper method of boosting your superweapons. The small patch of green land near your naval bace is a good place to put some extra funds towards a single Cannon as a backup in case anything gets through your northern defenses in the confusion.

"iBomber Defense" - Axis Campaign - 14. Great Britain - Final Victory! (6)
Wave 50 turret placement.

Video Guide

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