"iBomber Defense" - Axis Campaign - 09. North West Africa - On the Beach (1)
Incoming routes of attackers in the level North West Africa “On The Beach” with the blue line for aircraft.

The ninth mission in the Axis campaign in the video game iBomber Defense, North West Africa “On the Beach,” takes you to a desert locale for a fight against 35 waves of units. You will face primarily land units with aircraft showing up at wave 20.

The enemies in this level will approach from the north, coming down in 6 ground paths that quickly merge into four which meet up just before the base. Turret placement will focus on setting up 3 main groups of turrets between these paths before the base and stretching outward, taking advantage of the high ground.

Turret Placement:

Beyond the initial Machine Guns first concept, waves 1 through 15 should focus on getting 2 Inferno turrets positioned so they can cover the four main paths to slow down the fast vehicles that are seen soon into the level. A couple cannons placed strategically will be important as well.

Up to wave 25 of the level, focus on getting 2 second level Cannons on both plateaus and the right patch of buildable space which goes between two paths. Make sure to have AA up by wave 20, and work on getting an X-Weapon placed in the middle of one of your groups of turrets.

By the end of the level, you will need to have built two AA turrets, one at level 3 and the second at 1, while working on your second X-Weapon after fully upgrading and boosting the first. You may need to sell a turret or two at this point to make room for something more important, like the second AA or X-Weapon. Having the 6 Cannons at level 3 is pretty sufficient, considering the power granted with the X-Weapons.

"iBomber Defense" - Axis Campaign - 09. North West Africa - On the Beach (4)
Wave 35 turret placement.

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