This walkthrough guide will cover the Western Europe, Allied Quickplay level in the video game iBomber Defense. Within you will find a video playthrough with commentary along with detailed instructions on how and what turrets to place in order to protect your base and achieve a perfect rating along with all three medals in this level.

"iBomber Defense" - Allied Quick Play 01 - Western Europe (1)
Direction of enemy forces.

In this revisit to the opening, simple map, you will be facing a mixed assault of ground units, mostly infantry and light vehicles, for 20 waves. Like the campaign version, there are two roads that come from the top of the map, which converge towards a single path leading towards your base. The optimal strategy here will be to focus turret placement along this converged path, ignoring the split routes to maximize the use of every dollar spent.

Victory Points Spending:

You will only have one point to spend on upgrades for your turrets, with level 2 of Cannon and Machine Gun already given to you, along with level one AA (unused). Take the available point and spend it on level one Comm Towers.

Turret Placement:

The first few waves will be pretty light, so focus on building and fully upgrading a pair of Machine Guns along the converged path, before its first bend at the south. Place a third Machine Gun turret around wave 7 at the entrance to your base, with a little bit of distance between it and the building itself to help cover potential leaks. The start of wave 10 should bring with it a Cannon turret placed near the first two guns, this spot being referred to as the lead defense group. Make sure the lead group is clustered so that when you place a Comm Tower later, they will all be upgraded with its boost.

Wave 11 should be time for the Comm Tower, placed as mentioned above. Other than eventually saving up 50$ to upgrade your Cannon to level 2 around wave 17, the rest of your money can go into placing more machine gun turrets in the frontal defense group. If something makes it through, you can optionally upgrade your leak protection tower, however I found it unnecessary to do so. Don’t try to save too much money as you will need to spend most of it to keep up with the waves.

Video Guide

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