"iBomber Defense" - Level 5 - North East Africa: Red Scorpion (1)
Routes of enemy units in North East Africa. Green and yellow paths are ground units, black line is air units.

Now were back to the desert again but in a new location, North East Africa facing 3 different paths of ground units that travel between a series of plateaus that we can build on for increased range with the first group of air units faced so far traveling down the center of the map.

The best place to focus on building up your weaponry is on these plateaus that occupy the center of the map. Since the roads weave between and converge around this raised ground, turrets placed along this area will have an excellent field of fire to hit the vast majority of units coming towards your base.

Turret Placement

Start of placing a pair of Machine Gun turrets where the paths converge into the final single road towards the base, on the plateau directly northwest of the base. Start saving up for Comms turrets to place on this plateau then continue to build on it with Cannons and another Machine Gun as to have multiple turrets all overlapping the convergence area, especially given the height and Comms range boosts.

Airwaves show up for the first time in the game at wave 20, so make sure to have some Anti Air turrets by then, placing them towards the center of the map to get the best coverage along the air unit’s path. Once the first plateau is nicely armed you can work on adding to the other 3 central plateaus while adding Comms to each to give yourself a powerful defense network.

Victory Point Spending

With the introduction of air units at this point in the game, its best to spend one of the two victory points won from this level on the Anti Air turret to unlock the third level as space for them is often limited, necessitating 3rd level upgrades. Next we can upgrade the Sabotage turret to level 2 in order to have a better tool with which to use to slow the enemy with.

Levels of currently unlocked items:
Machine Gun 3, Cannon 3, Anti Air 3, Sabotage 2, Comms 2, Buy 2, Repair 1

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