12. Western Mediterranean: Spiderweb

"iBomber Defense" - Axis Campaign - 12. Western Mediterranean - Spiderweb (1)
Map of the routes taken by the enemy in Western Mediterranean “Spiderweb” with aircraft drawn in blue.

It is now time to head to the Western Mediterranean during mission “Spiderweb” in the Axis campaign of iBomber Defense, facing 50 waves of naval units winding their way through a series of islands. These units come down along four main paths, traveling west to east and circling the central three islands turret placement will focus on in this level.

Placing your weapons in this level should focus on covering the major convergence areas off the bat while building out radially from these points. Preparations will need to be made before wave 19 when the aircraft first arrive on the scene.

Turret Placement:

Since naval missions are typically more limited fund wise, placement of turrets, especially early on up to wave 10, is going to need to be rather precise. Level 3 Machine Guns should be placed on the small west island where the red, green, and orange paths first split up around, the bend where the orange and green paths overlap yellow, where the orange and red paths overlap around the final bend. A second turret along the yellow and green merged path.

Towards wave 20, you can start placing bigger guns like a couple Cannons and preferably an early X-Weapon on the central and right islands. Placing the X-Weapon in the middle of the map should give it coverage over all paths while you work on boosting it. Focus more on putting heavy fire down assisted with an Inferno turret on the southern bend where the orange, yellow, and green paths cross, since the northern red path is lightly traveled, especially early on. Remember to get a level one AA down in time for wave 19.

The small island to the right is the next perfect spot for an X-Weapon on your way to wave 30, placing Cannons now in more locations on the three central islands and the south landmass along the yellow and green line. Keep your finger near the pause button or take careful note of the airwaves in the video below as to keep AA upgrades to a necessity while you continue to invest in ground-based firepower.

By wave 40, it is good measure to have three fully upgraded X-Weapons, one on each central island and upgraded Cannons for support. Machine Gun turrets if still present should be in positions where they are soaking up fir for your more expensive weapons to keep repair costs low and your total firepower on the rise. By this time, a second level 2 AA turret will be needed after fully upgrading the first.

At this point, you should already be doing some pretty impressive damage, but you can continue upgrading your Cannons and spend your remaining funds working towards a pair of the axis super weapons on the southern landmass just bellow the right island. X-Weapons built here can strike the orange, green, and yellow path, which is where the really heavily armored ships come down.

"iBomber Defense" - Axis Campaign - 12. Western Mediterranean - Spiderweb (6)
Wave 50 turret placement.

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