6. South East Europe: Eightball

"iBomber Defense" - Level 6 - South East Europe: Eightball (1)
Red and blue paths denote the travel routes of ground units with air units taking the orange path in South East Europe.

Now we are back to the bright green lands of forest to face 30 waves of ground and air units that travel around and over a nearby lake which the base sits just southeast of. Unfortunately the paths here converge very late in an are with little turret placement opportunity so strategies here will have to focus on two separate fire-bases to handle each of the entrance paths of ground units with AA down the center.

There are only two paths that the ground units take, with a third for the Aircraft traveling through the middle curving about to the base. The fire bases we will choose to construct will be on the southern plateau and the open patch between the woods and the lake by the northern entrance.

Turret Placement

Up through to wave 10 it is best to focus on a pair of Machine Gun turrets for each of the fire bases mentioned above and visible in the wave pictures to the right. Get each pair of Machine Gun turrets to level 3 as they will be facing mostly light units up to this point. Each time a new Machine Gun turret goes up, it should be upgraded to level 3 rather quickly.

From waves 10 through 20 you will want to focus on constructing a 3rd Machine Gun turret at each fire base while adding a Comms Turret to each to enhance their range. By level 15 you will need to have an Anti Air turret placed at the northern fire-base, away from the edge of the path to avoid using up a spot more useful for another gun. Towards 20, adding a cannon with a third Comms turret right next to the base at the convergence paths will allow us a backup against anything that slips through.

Waves 20 through 30 should be focused on upgrading the Comms turrets to level 2 while adding an additional Cannon turret to both fire-bases and on the other side of the path next to the base where the two main roads converge. If you have some extra money, upgrading the Cannons past level 1 should come towards the end as level 2 Cannons aren’t exactly necessary here.

Victory Point Spending

With the two points awarded for the perfect completion of this level, one point was spent on the Comms turret to unlock its 3rd level and its incredible potential for bonus credits while taking the other to use on the Sabotage turret so all the weaponry is upgradeable to level 3. At this point everything is level 3 except for Buy and Repair which still sit at level 2.

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