14. Germany: The Final Fight

"iBomber Defense" - Level 14 - Germany: The Final Fight (1)
Paths taken by the enemy units in the Germany level of “iBomber Defense.” Black line is for naval units and purple is for aircraft (arrows) the rest are ground (lines only).

The Germany level is the final mission for you to overcome in the Allied campaign, serving you the greatest challenge so far. Here you will be facing all three types of units at once, aircraft, naval vessels and ground units galore. This combined with the bombed out city making it difficult to place turrets, it is very critical where you place what in this mission.

There are 50 waves of units for you to fight your way through with naval units showing up for the first time at wave 10 and aircraft coming on to the scene atypical wave 21. It is almost a necessity to perform the overpowering income trick using 150$+ of saved cash while possessing 3 or more level three Comms towers. Also around the middle of the level, some artillery will come from off screen to open up the pink path traveling through the demolished building, but won’t destroy any of your turrets and the area wasn’t buildable in the first place.

Turret Placement

Again it really helps to check the video below or the pictures to the side for more specific details, but the beginning of this mission up to wave ten should consist of strategically placed Machine Guns. One should go on the top right corner of the plateau next to your land base, one more in the small ring of sandbags in the center of town, third turret goes where the green and yellow paths meet to the east and finally one on the bottom right corner of the plateau mentioned above as close to level 10 as possible to stem the naval unit tide. Towards the end of this mission we will sell this fourth Machine Gun turret when it becomes less useful.

Waves ten through twenty should be all about building up cannons and a level 3 Comms turret on the plateau we built the two Machine Guns on previously. This land mass when boosted with the height and Comms allows the cannons placed there to hit all the ground units and naval units present on this map, as all their paths will end up under their range of fire.

On the way forwards towards wave 30 its going to be time to spread out, upgrading the Cannons a bit, but mostly building new ones with Comms boosting in the left most demolished building with some Anti Air turrets there, the sandbags further left of that and the island below that location. Some turrets placed in the small patch of space to the right of your land base can be useful for anything slipping through, however ignore the 2×2 patch of space to the right of your naval base. Its worthless.

30 all the way through the final wave 50 should be about first using your now 50$ a wave interest which you should have reached by now to upgrade all your turrets to their highest level stopping your Anti Air at two level three turrets which are sufficient for the limited aircraft present. It is also a good idea to sell some of your Machine Gun turrets from before to replace with more Cannons, since is the first real level where space is limited to the point where that becomes a good idea. Sabotage turrets can be pretty much ignored throughout the entire level and aren’t that useful with the limited space.

"iBomber Defense" - Level 14 - Germany: The Final Fight (6)
Wave 50 turret placement.

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